Art Sale Medical Fund

We are selling some of our original framed art and books to pay off accumulated debt from past medical expense from the time we had no insurance. We also created debt to assist the startup of the charter school at which Susan is now the Atelierista. So the combined investment in the school and in our health is more that we can sustain in retirement.You can assist us by referring mentoring business and buying art and books so I can turn our collection into cash and greatly reduce or eliminate this debt. Come and view the art in person in order to see if full beauty and hear its story.

All art is original, one-of-a-kind, mostly commissioned artwork: painting, drawing, stained glass and artifact. There are items for sale that are not listed in the inventory.

Amazon Honor System Click Here to PayLearn MoreWhen you click on items to view the art, the representative images are merely hand-held digital photos. They do not fully reflect the story, beauty of the art, matting or framing.

Most of the framing is by deceased friends and Holocaust survivor family Ernie and Marge Bravmann, Rembrandt Gallery. Framing is Art. Ernie and Marge died just ten days apart. It reminded me of Buckmister Fuller and his wife, Anne, who chose to pass into 'everywhere' at almost the same time.

While visiting his comatose wife in the hospital, Bucky said "She's waiting for me," closed his eyes, and died of a heart attack within 2 hours. Bucky and Anne died within thirty-six hours of each other, one week before their sixty-sixth anniversary. Bucky died on July 1st 1983, Anne on July 3rd 1983.

The principal artist in my collection is William Sauts Netamuxwe Bock, Sakima, Wolf Clan, Unami Band of the Lennie Lenape Nation who has illustrated some 300 books. In my 1995 speech for the Association of Transpersonal Psychology at Asilomar, "Art and Spirituality", I named Sauts work, PIP Art--Prophetic Iconography of Place.

I have the single largest collection of 'Sautstine Art' and will continue to commission new works as finances permit and manuscripts demands. View Sauts biography at:

We invite you to come view the art and hear its 'Story' prior to purchase. You may Google the major artists in our collection: Sauts, Ed Bierly, Farrell Collett, Chuck Ripper, Jim Killen, Mageric, Peter H. Ring, Kenneth Harris, Carol Griggs and more. We live emersed in art and artifact, icons of a life deeply explored, an embracing symbolic world.

Review the list and make purchases while the offering is at its largest. With advance payment, we will reserve art for pick up. We will ship art when packaging and shipping costs are pre-paid. We discount prices when purchasers buy more than one piece of art.

Supporting Thomas's work by buying the art is a gift that keeps on giving as he continues to assist individuals wish Change of HeArt services.

I continue my private practice as mentor, life strategist for individuals and couples. Please continue referrals.

Recovering medical and school expenses will greatly assist my desired priority of writing a book and poetry. My in-progress autobiographical manuscripts are: "The Eye of the Elder--Stories of Healing and Tolerance; and, "Don't Believe Everything that You Say--More is All Ways Being Revealed".

In gratitufe for life and love,

Thank you! Thomas and Susan Brightman, 443-986-6005